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As the information superhighway becomes an information traffic jam it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out, get heard and build relationships with clients and constituents. Multi-billion dollar industry giants spend million dollar budgets to bombard us with hundreds of marketing messages every day. How do you compete in today’s reality of information overload? We’ll help you find your unique answer and will work with you to develop practical, strategic solutions to not just get your message heard, but get it spreading like wildfire.

Recent Work

  • Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

    Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund (design + development)

    The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund is a philanthropic foundation in the Bay Area which serves to fulfill the vision of a just and caring society. It does so by investing in and working with nonprofit organizations across the US to build a strong and vibrant community, and has awarded more than $530 million in grants since its founding in 1953. We led them through a holistic process to redesign their web presence from the ground up, including their website and email templates, with an eye to creating a better user experience for the Fund's audience with more impact and beauty, and making key content more accessible.

  • Audubon American Eagle Compact

    Audubon American Eagle Compact (design + development)

    This campaign by the National Audubon Society aims to engage Americans of all political stripes around commonly held values and aspirations for conserving our natural world. Its goal is to build a bottom-up movement of people who seek to de-politicize the debate over clean air and water, protecting iconic public lands, seeking energy independence, and saving endangered wildlife. The site asks people to sign an American Eagle Compact—a lofty statement of shared values and a common vision for stewardship and conservation of our natural wealth. Signers also have the opportunity to deepen the conversation on the Eagle's Nest Blog.

  • Audubon Online Publications

    Audubon Online Publications (design + development)

    As one of America's leading conservation organizations, the National Audubon Society maintains countless diverse communications with its over 600,000 members and a worldwide audience. We produced a family of online publications with a fresh and forward-looking design approach for Audubon to use for various functions within the organization from sending action alerts to engaging its members in policy science to generally inspiring readers with the wonder of birds.

  • Lifeboat

    Lifeboat (design + development)

    Lifeboat is a movement of people rediscovering deep friendships, and its responsive site features unique content on the art and science of friendship—full of inspiration, learning, and practice. Here you can learn how to move beyond fast-food-friendships and become a self-assured friendship pioneer. From a Friend Blog that explores many facets of nurturing better friendships in your life, to a Getting Started Guide that takes you through ten powerful practices for being an amazing friend, to goodies like Friend Fact Ecards and a groundbreaking State of Friendship Report, Lifeboat has all you need to rediscover what great friendship really means.

  • Community Solutions

    Community Solutions (design + development)

    This website for the national organization dedicated to ending street homelessness highlights the transformation brought to peoples’ lives by the organization’s innovative approach. Featuring high-impact imagery of the stunning spaces it has built, and of people living and connecting in those spaces, the design is professional without coming across as conservative or institutional, and builds trust with bold, confident elements while portraying hope and inspiration.

  • 100,000 Homes Campaign

    100,000 Homes Campaign (design + development)

    100,000 Homes is an innovative, open-source campaign that is connecting and growing a nation-wide movement to end homelessness. This campaign website creates an experience of simplicity and ease for what is a highly complex approach to solving a very difficult problem, and brings clarity to how the 100,000 Homes model is different. Bringing a sense of hope to what can be a challenging issue without downplaying the challenges of homelessness, this standout design embodies the forward-thinking boldness of the campaign, while bringing in a human element that makes it accessible to all members of the community.

  • Communicopia

    Communicopia (design + development)

    This redesign for the leading web strategy and design agency Communicopia came at a period of transition for the company, which needed a website that would reflect a radical departure from its design aesthetic from the past and embody a new vision for the company. The innovative design emphasizes simplicity of content and ease of navigation, a bold typographical approach, and features high-impact imagery of the Communicopia’s work, process, and thought leadership to let these elements take centre stage.

  • Web of Change

    Web of Change (branding + design + development)

    Web of Change is an annual conference and a tribe of global leaders pioneering new strategies of digital engagement to improve the world. Serving as the community hub, this site’s focus on people and the conference’s beautiful setting, a community blog for sharing ideas and thought leadership, event updates, and the site’s overall warm design bring a sense of community and embody the spirit of networking and collaboration.

  • Greenpeace Save the Arctic Campaign

    Greenpeace Save the Arctic Campaign (design + development)

    We've lost 75% of the Arctic sea ice in the last 30 years, and the [not so] frozen north is the latest frontier in the global oil rush and the target of major industrial fishing companies. This ambitious global campaign by Greenpeace International seeks to unify the world in a collective effort to Save the Arctic, by creating a global sanctuary in one of the last pristine areas of the world. The site serves as the primary action point for the campaign, directing people to sign a scroll which, once at a million signatures, will be taken to the North Pole and planted with a flag for humanity on the bottom of the ocean at the top of the world.

  • Roosevelt Institute

    Roosevelt Institute (design)

    The Roosevelt Institute is a leading progressive think-tank committed to advancing people and ideas and building a more progressive future. This website helped take the Roosevelt Institute to a new level of professionalism and sophistication in its visual communication to the outside world, embodying a bold, fresh, and imaginative approach while paying tribute to the progressive legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, upon which the organization was founded.

  • Renewal

    Renewal (design + development)

    Renewal is a collection of organizations using the powerful tools of business and philanthropy to support long-term societal solutions. With a balance of strong professionalism and a warm, friendly feel to make it accessible to the community, this site helped Renewal to grow and support its network by reaching out to a broader community, inspire its audience through better storytelling, and bring unity to a previously disparate number of sub-brands under the Renewal umbrella.

  • Hollyhock Retreat Centre

    Hollyhock Retreat Centre (design collaboration)

    Hollyhock is Canada’s leading educational retreat centre, focused on creating transformational experiences that change lives. A place for individuals and groups to come together to promote vision, renewal, strategy, team building, well-being, and social change, Hollyhock exists to support people who are making the world better. We crafted Hollyhock’s website and online newsletter with these sensibilities in mind, giving life to the experience by showcasing the spaciousness and natural beauty of the centre, and putting the programs and activities front and centre.